Mike is a certified graduate from Top Dog Sf’s Dog Walking Academy; a course that covers pet first aid, CPR, pack management, canine body language, safety and fight protocols and basic trail obedience. He is insured through Pet Sitters and Associates and has his dog walking permits through both the San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SFACC) and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA).

Mike has been volunteering at local animal shelters since he was a youngster in high school. He has spent years at the Humane Society and the SF SPCA working towards rehabilitating rescue dogs. His experiences there include: walking, feeding, caring and assisting in training these pups for their forever homes. With a wealth of experience he is well versed in efficiently dealing with all types of dogs and calmly helping them get on the right track.

Viking Dog Hiking believes in the power of the positive reinforcement training methods that reward and highlight good behavior creating a consistent basis of communication that guides your dog in the right direction. Throughout his dog walking career Mike has shadowed multiple Certified Dog Trainers and is currently working towards his CPDT dog training certification as well as assisting in Dog Training Classes at the SPCA.


Walks/Week Price
2 $28
3-4 $25
5 $460/mo
Boarding Price
Overnight $60
Contact   (831) 334-7612